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WaveLab Engineering is a service provider and production company in the area of high frequency and microwave techniques. As specialized company are we used to realize every day customer specific projects and we implement our special knowledge into the projects of our customers. Since mid 1999 are we working on very exiting projects with and for our customers; a selection of customer references is found on the page References.

Our strengths are customer specific projects and detail solutions, where high frequency and microwave techniques knowledge is of importance, to successful solve the job.

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With our specific knowhow and the available infrastructure are we capable to generate for our customers, his projects and products a measurable added value.

Our Team

. . . present themselves . . .

Hardware research and development manager
Hanspeter Oppliger General manager of WaveLab. Antenna specialist, system designer and simulation specialist.
EMV Specialist
Detlef Conradin Development engineer, system designer and circuit design of analog and digital RF circuits.

Administration Topal
Lotti Hauser Administration and bookkeeping, assistance of general management.


The following pictures show samples of our daily work that we have realized in some of our past projects. Regardless of the production lot size are we striving for an elevated quality level, at the design phase as well as the following relization of the hard- and software.

When you are clicking onto the text or the magnifier the picture is opened in a new browser window.

PROBA ground station. L-band ground station for scientific purposes, Redu, Belgium.

Vector-Voltmeter. For the exact amplitude and phase measurement of two IF signals below 100MHz.

Rail antenna. The prototype of the rail antenna is characterized over a wide frequency range in the anechoic measurement chamber with the aid of a two axis positioner.

Receiver final inspection. The BER of the I/Q-demodulator is characterized with live signals.

Technology in use

Development tools

Schematics and layouts are drawn with the most recent Altium Designer. The implemented 3D display capability allows "illustrating" the developed product before the prototype is manufactured.
For the analysis, development and optimization of high frequency designs are we using Microwave Office, AXIEM and Analyst.

Measurement and test equipment overview

Our lab is fully equipped with modern and valuable measurement instruments of well-known manufacturers, so they are made by
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Anritsu
  • Boonton
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Keysight Technologies
  • LeCroy
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Wiltron
- just to name some of them.

They are in daily use in our lab, our anechoic measurement chamber as well as on the open test range for the antenna pattern and transmission measurements.

For more information

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-Mail. We highly appreciate your contact and we are curious to get known your projects and needs.

Or you might find some more information by using the links below to further explore our homepage - have fun with your onward reading.

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Datasheets of WaveLab products

By clicking on the links below are your getting access to the pdf-datasheets of our products. English datasheet copies are partially available, the remaining shall be available very soon - many thanks for your comprehension.
  1. Continuous attenuator 40dB to 160dB, up to 18GHz
  2. Dipole antenna, 2GHz typical
  3. Railway antenna broadband 3GHz with GPS reception, EN50155 and EN50124-1
  4. Railway antenna broadband 6GHz with GPS reception, EN50155 and EN50124-1
  5. Logper antenna broadband 2.5GHz, IP57, stainless steel
  6. Low noise mast top amplifier 2.1GHz
  7. Multi-channel FSK-Receiver, 2GHz, 2MBit/s
  8. Fire command system for snipers with 12 or 24 channels
  9. Fire command system for snipers with 12 channels
  10. FSK transmitter 2GHz, 2MBit/s
  11. RF switch 4-channel, 100MHz to 3GHz, sub-system
  12. Double pole, double throw switch, with bypass, 3GHz
  13. Single switch, with bias voltage, 3GHz
  14. Amplifier with bypass, 18dB, 2GHz
  15. 2-axis antenna positioner for 2.5m parabolic dish

In every case wish we you success and fun with your projects - it will be a pleasure for us to support you with our dedicated RF knowledge.

For the clarification of your questions or needs can you reach us by phone under +41 (0)31 868 44 66 during the office hours.

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